Raymond John Hill, MSc

Atlanta, GA

An accomplished software, devops, and cloud engineer with more than 20 years of experience collaborating with clients providing reliable technical expertise, project management, and program delivery to help them achieve their goals and objectives.


Budgeting, Team Management, Infrastructure Provisioning (AWS, Terraform) and Scaling (EC2, RDS, ECS), Data Storage & Migration (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Teradata, Redis, S3), ETL Processes, Data Warehousing (Snowflake), Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes, ECS), Cloud Networking (VPC, TGW, IGW).


Self Employed, AtlantaConsultant
  • Managed and delivered engagements with various clients such as Palmetto Solar, Left Main REI, and ViewIQ
  • Created the infrastructure and necessary functions for a POC to determine the feasibility of utilizing Amazon QuickSight as the front-end for an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) application backed by Lambda, Python, and Pandas
  • Created the infrastructure as well as the entire front-end and backend for an IRR application using React, NodeJS, AWS Lambda, Python, and Pandas
  • Helped Left Main REI reduce their 100,000,000+ nightly API calls to their MongoDB-backed API by analyzing code, removing redundant calls, and implementing batching procedures
  • Took over ownership of the code for ViewIQ (formerly known as ProView) and enhanced the software, cloud, and other processes to showcase security practices and alleviate concerns during security audits by healthcare companies and law firms
Chipper Cash, AtlantaSenior Cloud Engineer
MAY 2022 - JUNE 2023
  • Lead the data migration from Heroku to AWS Aurora — billions of financial transactions moved safely and securely with negligible downtime for our users
  • Fine tuning SQL queries and processes in order to utilize our AWS RDS resources more efficiently
  • Helped Chipper save over $350,000 per year in AWS expenses making our services more efficient and splitting non-critical workloads in order to avoid over-provisioning
  • Designed and deployed a multi-account AWS architecture utilizing VPCs, Transit Gateways (TGWs), Internet Gateways (IGWs), and route tables - connected to Salesforce Heroku via VPC peering to keep traffic routing over the AWS backbone
  • Developed ETL processes to ship data from both Heroku and AWS (via EC2 bastion) to Snowflake
  • Migrated user cache from Postgres to Redis in order to both save on storage costs and significantly reduce latency for our users
  • Created Chipper's CI/CD processes and pipelines using GitHub actions coupled with Secrets Operations (SOPS) and Semaphore CI to deploy backend code (NodeJS/TypeScript), mobile applications (ReactNative), and TypeORM migrations for data (gated deployments)
  • Created diagrams and documentation of all processes and resources involved in AWS infrastructure in order to showcase security practices and alleviate concerns during bank audits
Slalom Consulting, AtlantaPrincipal Consultant
JAN 2018 - MAY 2022
  • Managed several direct reports - advocating for career growth, engagement, and productivity
  • Met with prospective clients to gather requirements in order to draft proposals and statements of work with thoughtful deadlines and optimal staffing
  • Mentored, trained, and supported both Slalom and client staff to ensure effective placement to accelerate growth and promote skills
  • Managed and delivered engagements with clients such as The Home Depot, Cox Automotive, Anthem Insurance, IHG, and Vulcan Materials
  • Created multiple one-off serverless applications for Vulcan Materials utilizing Serverless Framework with AWS Lambda and DynamoDB in order to minimize cost and man-hours spent on invoicing thousands of clients by hand, giving their teams more time to focus on improving their products and services
  • Moved ~4Pb of data to Google's BigQuery for The Home Depot by creating systems (NodeJS + React + SQL) with which data owners could run their own ETL on their data to move it off of Teradata systems, saving The Home Depot millions of dollars per year in Teradata licensing
  • Built a modernized accumulator app for Anthem insurance using React, Java, Spring Boot, Atlassian Bamboo, and AWS - the very first application in the Cloud at Anthem, saving them well over $500,000 in yearly mainframe and associated costs
  • Established multi-cloud proof of concept for IHG and developed test APIs in NodeJS for both AWS and Google Cloud utilizing Aurora Serverless and Google Cloud Spanner as the databases
  • Led DevOps team to architect and develop online retail portal (CarShop.com) for Cox Automotive & Penske utilizing Serverless Framework and CloudFormation with AWS Lambda, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, ECR, ECS, and S3
  • Created a greenfield Supply Chain system for The Home Depot utilizing CI/CD processes and pipelines in Jenkins for a Java API which deployed and ran on a Kubernetes cluster (GKE) and interfaced with Google Cloud Spanner
  • Conducted Well-Architected Reviews for various clients in order to ensure all data and applications were maintaining high standards in all six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework
MapAnything, AtlantaLead Software Engineer
MAR 2015 - JAN 2018
  • Built, deployed, and maintained mapping and geo-analytics software products used worldwide utilizing a combination of Salesforce, GitHub, Jenkins, and AWS (EC2, Lambda, DynamoDB)
  • Built APIs to support internal Salesforce applications leveraging NodeJS, DynamoDB, and Postgres on AWS
  • Created a pipeline using simple deployment tactics (pull code, zip, upload) using GitHub, Jenkins, and EC2
  • Mentored and coached engineers, product managers, and stakeholders during development lifecycle


University of West Georgia — 2015 — M.S. in Computer Science
University of West Georgia — 2012 — B.S. in Physics


Spark Award — 2020 — Slalom & Cox Automotive
Mogul Award — 2019 — Slalom
AWS Certified Solutions Architect — 2019
AWS Certified Developer — 2018
GCP Certified Cloud Engineer — 2018